Presentations from SALT SCIENCE SYMPOSIUM: Recent results from SALT

Warsaw, Poland, 22 May 2013

Speaker Partner Presentation
Marcin Hajduk PL Spectroscopy of planetary nebulae
Joanna Mikolajewska PL Survey of symbiotic stars from MC and the Galaxy
Bozena Czerny PL Dark energy tests with quasars monitoring
Andrzej Pigulski PL SALT spectroscopy of HADS stars reductions and first results
Tomek Kwiatkowski PL Asteroid spectroscopy with SALT: a feasibility study
Dorota Koziel-Wierzbowska PL Measuring distance to the largest structures in the Universe
Janusz Kaluzny PL Is SALT doing its best and can it do better?
Gordon Ernest Bromage UK UK consortium programs
David Buckley SA SA programs
Eric Wilcots UW UW programs   (PowerPoint)
Brian Chaboyer DC DC programs
Raghunathan Srianand IUCAA IUCAA programs
Darragh O'Donoghue SALT/SAAO Flatfielding over the science field of view of SALT
Saurabh Jha RU RU programs
Wolfram Kollatschny SALT Science Programs at Göttingen